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Supplied Artwork

We take pride in our flexibility, and are happy to accept artwork by Email, by Post or even delivered by hand.We like to think of our relationship as a partnership and, as with any partnership, a great outcome depends on partners working together. Please check the Artwork guidance notes below, which will ensure that your work proceeds quickly and efficiently to a successful outcome to the benefit of everyone.Also due to the high cost of postage and the low value of media we no longer return media unless specifically requested. Where media is to be sent back we make a small charge for carriage.

File Formats
We use the very latest Adobe PDF Rip in our Prepress department and our workflow is based on working with files in PDF format. Ideally you should send your files to us in this format. The PDF should be prepared at press quality. Alternatively we can accept files in flattened Tif (Tiff) or Jpg (Jpeg) format. The files should be at the correct size for print. The disadvantage of sending files in this format is that all text and graphics will be Bitmap rather than Vector quality. If the file is sent at 300dpi resolution then in our experience the results are generally considered acceptable.

Please Note: We make a nominal charge of £15.00 + VAT to covert files which are not supplied as PDF, Tif or Jpg.

Client Proof Copy

Unless we are specifically requested we do not send proofs of jobs prior to print. In the electronic world sending hard copy proofs by post causes major delays and sending digital proofs is little more than returning the file sent to us back again! In our workflow the Client Proof Copy is a key element. It may be defined as a master, which is correct in all respects, against which we can check all that we do. It is vital that the Client Proof Copy is a perfect representation (content-wise) of the job to be produced. We strongly recommend checking it carefully before sending it to us. When a high resolution (Press Quality) PDF, Jpg or Tif file is provided as the origination for leaflet printing then this file can also serve as the Client Proof Copy - CPC. With a CPC to refer to when our designers work on your files they can be confident that the text is all present, that the printers fonts are correct, that the photos have not moved etc.


Please supply everything 'one up'. It is more successful if you leave us to sort out the imposition for printing. e.g. Provide one business card on a 90mm x 50mm or 85mm x 55mm page.Booklets should either be in separate files for each page or number order pages (we will sort out the printers pairs).

Bleed and 'Quiet Border'

Understanding the need for 'Bleed' and a 'Quiet Border' is vital if, as partners, we are going to achieve our joint aim of an excellent finished print job.We require Bleed to allow for the tolerance of our guillotines (the machine used for cutting your job after printing). Even with our 'State of the Art' printers equipment there is a margin of error in the operation. If your image finishes exactly at the edge of your required finished size then these small deviations may produce unsightly white flashes at the edge of your leaflet print. By extending your background colour or image beyond the edge of your finished job the consequences of such a deviation are not perceptible.We recommend that elements intended to go to the very edge of your finished job should extend 3mm beyond the edge.

A 'Quiet Border' is the distance you should allow from the edge of your finished page or leaflet size to text or diagrams etc. The reason for this border is again the tolerance in cutting. If you have a design where the text runs to the very edge of your leaflet then a cutting deviation will actually cut off some of your text! A very small 'Quiet Border' can result in a finished job looking very uneven.We recommend a 'Quiet Border 'where there is no text, etc. of at least 5mm around the edges of your leaflet or job.


We carry all the most popular Mac and PC printers fonts, please confirm at the time of ordering.Where you have used a rare printers font outside the 'normal' range we recommend converting the text created with this font into curves. This means that we no longer require the original font when we print your leaflet or job.Where you are supplying your work as a PDF it should always be produced with fonts embedded. With a Tif or Jpg, fonts are much less of an issue since these formats effectively embed the fonts required to print.

Colour Matching

There are a large number of variables which can affect the colour produced in Full Colour Printing. Simply looking at the appearance of colours on a monitor, especially if no monitor calibration has been carried out is unlikely to produce predictable printed results.In just the same way un-calibrated desktop printers, such as a laser or inkjet may well produce very different colours to those produced on a professional printing press.Rather than leaving colour matching to chance and 'keeping your fingers crossed' we strongly recommend that colours be chosen from Hard Copy Colour Charts. We have Pantone colour match swatches in Hannah Print, Birmingham, and suggest that you visit us when colour matching is vital.

Please Note: Where you have a particular colour issue, for example a requirement to match to a specific company colour or a previously printed leaflet job, this MUST be brought to our attention at the order stage. Simply specify the colour to be matched to or the fact that the job has been printed previously in 'Special Instructions' during the online ordering process.

File Pre-flighting

We charge an optional £5.00 + VAT to carry out extensive Pre-flighting of your job. We would strongly recommend that you ask us to carry out the Pre-flight because then your job will be carefully checked by an experienced designer in Birmingham and also our proof readers prior to print. Should we find potential issues with the files you have provided we would work with you to resolve the problems. It may be that a new file is required or alternatively we can often correct small issues.

Please Note: If you decide not to have your job pre-flighted we will simply print what you have sent! or if the corrections which you want us to do are excessive there may be an additional charge.


Our normal service does not include proofs. We simply check your files against your Client Proof Copy provided and proceed to print. The system is fast and efficient. However, in some circumstances proofs are desirable and we are pleased to produce proofs from your Digital Artwork as Pdf soft proofs prior to printing. This will add extra time to your order.


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